ServiceM8 Pro Desk


ServiceM8 Pro Desk is the app for field service businesses. Take control and work smarter with real-time communication between your office, field staff and customers.

We can't solve all your business needs, but what we can do is fulfill all business operations with real-time communication to ServiceM8 Pro Desk Experts. 

Simply the best field service operations software to run your tradesman business.  Our ServiceM8 Pro Team is here to work one-on-one with you to build a turnkey software specifically designed for your current operating models from start to finish. 



 1.    First Contact quick assessment of ServiceM8’s suitability. 

 2.   Consultation ­look at your business in more detail, assess your needs and
how ServiceM8 can help them. 

3.    Setup ­setup the client’s ServiceM8 account according to your requirements. 

4.    Training ­teach staff everything they need to know about ServiceM8. 

5.    Support provide ongoing support for any additional help they require.
Step 1: First Contact
The purpose of the first contact is: 

●  To ascertain if you are a good fit for ServiceM8; and 

●  To book you in for a 1-2 hour consultation. 

    1.    Review your current workflow. 

    2.    Demonstrate how ServiceM8 will work in your business. 

    3.    Learn about your business in depth. 

    4.    Discuss setup and training. 

Review your current workflow
We'll start by asking you to go through your current workflow: 
●  How does work come into you business? Phone, email, fax, etc. 

●  How do you assign the work to staff? Shared calendars, paper work orders, etc. 

●  How do you create quotes and invoices? 

●  How do you enter invoices into your accounting package? 
Once you understand your existing workflow, it’s very easy to highlight the benefits they’ll get from ServiceM8. It also means you’ll be talking about benefits that directly relate to that you, so they’re more likely to be excited about it. 

Learn about your business in depth  
    1.    What areas in your business can ServiceM8 help with? 

    2.    What are the areas in your business ServiceM8 can’t help with? 

1.    Setup & Training
The purpose of this step is to: 
●  Discuss what setup and training you want; and 

●  Give you a price for setup and training services. 
Step 3: Setup 
The purpose of the Setup stage is to: 
●  Create a ServiceM8 account for you (the client) 

●  Configure your account with all the necessary information to be able to start training your
⦁   Account Setup
A brand new ServiceM8 account needs some setup & configuration before it’s ready to use for a business’s day­to­day work. Some things that should be considered during this stage are: 

●  Account creation & setup 

●  Create/modify Job Categories & Queues

●  Enable required add­ons
●  Email and SMS Templates
●  Document Templates (Quote/Invoice) 
●  Connect to accounting package OR import clients and materials
●  Configure security roles for staff
●  Form Creation
●  Custom Fields 

Planning a workflow with ServiceM8
●  How jobs will be entered and which staff will do this
●  How work will be scheduled or allocated to staff members
●  Which Queues and Job Categories will be used

Step 4: Training
The purpose of the Training stage is to: 
●  Teach each staff member what ServiceM8 is and how it helps the business 

●  Show each staff member which parts of your day-­to-­day work will be different once the
business starts using ServiceM8.

Staff Roles Include:
●  ServiceM8 for Field Staff
●  ServiceM8 for Admin Staff
●  ServiceM8 for Finance Staff
●  ServiceM8 for Managers